How long does juice last?

Juice being stored in the fridge should be consumed in a week. Juices stored in the freezer should be consumed in 2 weeks.

is anything ever added to the juice?

Juices are purely made of fruits and vegetables. Sweeteners, dyes or preservatives are never added.

Will my package spoil?

All packages are shipped over night in a shipping cooler to maintain freshness.

How long will it take until I receive my package?

Orders are processed in 2-3 days and shipped over night. You can receive your package by mail or local delivery between 2-5 days. You will be given an estimated time and date of delivery when your order is placed.

If I am local will I RECEIVE my delivery by mail?

Local residents will receive there packages in person by Raw Source Kitchen car delivery or pick up. Local area: most of Port St Lucie, Palm Beach, Broward and most of Dade county.